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Powering through the first draft of a new book is the golden rule of writing. You're not supposed to look back. You're supposed to let the flow of creativity consume you. You're supposed to write with abandon.

I know all these things. But, the reality (for me) usually looks something like this:

Chapter 1

This page. It's so blank. Maybe I'll write an outline. Nah.

Chapter 2

The possibilities are endless!

Chapter 3

I wonder how many words I have. There have to be at least 10,000. Don't check word count. Writes another sentence. Checks word count. Only 2,984? How is that possible? Wilson is prancing around like he's going to poop on the floor.

Gets up, lets the dogs out. I really need to KonMari the crap out of the sun porch. No. Back to writing.

Chapter 4

You know what would be an interesting story? Opens new document. Repeat 1-3.

Chapter 5

Ugh. That story is too hard. Back to this P.O.S again. Reread first few chapters. Oh. That's really good. Did I write that? Damn. Ok. I know what I can do.

Chapter 6

Yes, yes, yes!

Chapter 7-17

I got this. How many words now? Don't check word count.

Chapter 18

It's like there's nothing happening. So. Many. Tangents. None of this makes sense. There's no conflict. I'll call Camille.

Me: "What if (insert crazy idea that would require a complete rewrite of everything)?"

Camille: "Maybe you should sit on it for a day."

Goes back to Chapter 3 of other book. Repeat.

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