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When Authors Disappear


More crickets...

This is my social media presence free-falling into neglect. I've seen it happen to so many authors and now I finally understand WHY. Launching a book drains your energy and essence, leaving very little behind for you. Combine that with a demanding full time "big girl" job and I'm a husk.

I've had no down time since July. As a result, I've done nothing to nurture myself. Exercise? Massages? Haircuts? Nope. Everyday when I think about updating Facebook or Twitter--I just can't even.

When I think about writing an inspirational blog post? I just can't even.

When I think about working on my next book? I just can't even.

When I open SnapChat to make stupid stories? That I can do.

For those new authors peeking at this blog to see how other people do it, just be prepared for the social media blackout that comes when the fanfare dies down. When your sales rank goes from the hundreds to the millions. When your reviews stop pouring in. Don't beat yourself up about it. Let it happen. You need it and you deserve it.

So, I'm done with author stuff for 2016 (except for mailing out signed copies of The Goodbyes). It was a big and beautiful year for so many things. I'm grateful and happy, but now it's time to rest.

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