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Saying Goodbye to a Manuscript

My final edits are back. My editor did a fantastic job scrubbing my manuscript, but I know that (despite the multiple stages of review) a few errors are going to slip through. It happens. We've all read this book so many times; there's no way to catch everything.

I'm looking at my words and coming to terms with the reality of letting them go. Top of the roller coaster. Double-checking my seatbelt. Only one way off this ride.

It would be easy to say that I'm worried about technical errors. But the real anxiety? Strangers are going to (hopefully) read this book. The world will see my mistakes. Friendship won't be able to buffer a missing period or misspelled word. What will people think?

As the final clicks of the chain pull me to the top of the hill, I'm putting my hands up. I'm peering over the edge. I'm saying goodbye to the climb and getting ready for the real ride to begin.

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