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The Goodbyes - Coming July 12, 2016!

I got a book deal! You have no idea how hard it was to stay quiet about something this exciting.

About the Book

I always do creative exercises when I'm bored. On a four hour drive from D.C. to my childhood home in Pittsburgh, I tried to come up with another reason I might be making the drive.

The answer? I was a rock star going home. I upped the stakes. I was going home to see the guy who inspired all my songs. I upped them even more. He was dying. Boom! I had my hook.

I decided to use this idea for NaNoWriMo, but write it from a male perspective to challenge myself. I wrote the first draft in a month, but took over two years to edit it.

How it Went Down

After the fifth round of edits, I was ready to say "goodbye" to The Goodbyes. I was past my creative due date with this story. I nurtured it, protected it, and incubated it for two years. I knew it was time to let go.

I queried a few agents and generated some interest, but no offers. I was ready to self-publish. Thankfully, I decided to give this book one last chance in the #Pit2Pub Twitter Pitch Party before CreateSpace.

Not expecting too much, I polished my pitches.

This tweet made it happen:

She inspired his hit songs. She has hours to live. A rock star braves a blizzard for a chance to say goodbye. #Pit2Pub #NA #CON #R

I had multiple "favorites" from publishers who requested my manuscript. Three of those requests became offers. In the end, Blue Moon Publishers won me over.

The Deal

On Presidents' Day, I signed the contract (with my lucky pen). Since my manuscript was in great shape, they gave me two options: a July 2016 release, or a 2017 release. I didn't want to wait another year.

Since then, I've been insanely busy making last-minute-literary-magic before turning the manuscript over and getting things ready for my press kit. I just finished writing book club questions. Now, I'm waiting for the second round of book cover designs. Amazing. Surreal. Squeeee!

Thanks to the amazing team at BMP--especially Heidi and my publicist Talia. I'm thrilled to share this journey with such talented women!

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