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Wins and Fails: Release Week

This week has been amazing, crazy, busy, emotional, and...did I say busy? On Tuesday morning, I woke up as a published author.

This whole process reminds me of my wedding.

One week before we said "I do," our officiant suffered a heart attack. We didn't order a tent for our outdoor ceremony and the forecast called for rain. I "ugly cried" so loud down the aisle that people wondered if I was being forced into an arranged marriage. And, the DJ played the wrong song to announce us at our reception.

Like my wedding day, my book release had a few bumps, too. On my way to the event, it started to rain. We were in a convertible. The e-book suffered from a few formatting issues (which are now fixed-yay!). And, I forgot my phone at home, so I couldn't accept credit cards, or take pictures, or text anyone.

Despite the fails and falls, both events happened. My feet are sore, but my heart is full. Thanks to everyone who came out to help celebrate!

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