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Just Tweet It! (Using Twitter to Find an Agent or Publisher)

Why Should You Tweet?

I'm always surprised when authors tell me they don't have a Twitter account. When you finally land your deal, you're going to need a digital platform. The sooner you start building it, the better.

Connect with Agents Get the inside scoop on pet peeves and common query mistakes by following literary agents on Twitter. Even if you're not looking for an agent, following them will help you discover things that make agents and readers cringe (e.g. starting your novel with someone waking up to an alarm clock, lots of telling in the first few pages).

Check out the #tenqueries, #queryfail, #askagent, and #500queries hashtags on Twitter. Here's a handy list of hashtags every writer should know.

Connect with Writers

Find other writers by searching Twitter for #amwriting and #amediting. Also, tag your tweets with these hashtags to get your name in the writing community.

Other Accounts to Follow

Need inspiration or a pep talk? Follow LitRejections

Need a laugh? Follow TropeHeroine and BroodingYAHero. Not only will these accounts make you LOL, they'll help you identify when you're making the same character mistakes in your writing.

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